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Roxxiess Sound was established in 2003

Roxxiess Sound was established in 2003 with all our professional DJ’s with Years of Experience and have been supplying nothing but the best quality in all types of music in all different types of venues around the UK.
We are the best when it comes to none stop party’in that plays a mixture for all Age, Sex, Culture & Genre.

Roxxiess_Sound System was first started with Three Members in 2003 (RS_Dre, RS_Daddy P & RS_Mughead) where they then did under go and continued expressing there love for playing and making music in order to reach to a unlimited point. We then carried on striving from being resident DJ’s in various clubs across the West Midlands then leading to doing Host of Different Events across the UK on week days straight through till Sundays.

We started our radio presenting career because we wanted to simply share our expertise with every individuals across the world by Joining FLAVA FM in the May 2004 doing a wide range of radio shows from Wednesday afternoon 12pm – 6pm and Friday afternoon 2pm – 4pm for 3 years continuously. After moving on from Flava FM due progress making in out career we then went for a Audition with Yard Vybz FM in the year 2006 by where Dj_Dre carried out his skilful talents winning the entry to gain shows on Wednesday 12pm – 3pm and Saturdays 8pm – 10pm for Approximately 30 months broadcasting worldwide. After the collapse of the organisation our career continued striving after receiving a special invitation to Join the West Midlands Biggest Urban Network Community Station (HOT92 FM) which was then joined by fellow Members Dj_Dre & Brownman in the year 2008 where we then carried out nothing but the best from our radio presenting skills to our un explainable mixing and selecting technics which helped us to be the peoples choice and most popular sound system & presenters throughout up until present year 2015 (Thanks be to God).

In the year 2006 we became the most consistent Sound System in the UK and Voting the UK’s No.1 Juggling Sound (Voted by a Press Panel across the West Midlands).
From the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 to 2012 we then carried on winning all the tittles of been the UK’s No.1 Juggling’s including best Radio Presenters throughout all the years till presents.

By the year 2012 we then moved up to being a team with Seven members with the joining of RS_SD (Joined 2007 at age 8yrs old), RS_Brownman (Joined 2007), RS_Corey (Joined 2009), RS_Hashtag (Joined 2012) &
RS_Network Selector (Joined 2016).
In the year 2013 one of our key Members (Dj_Dre) Won the tittle of being the peoples champion by winning a major event that took place in the West Midlands UK called “Crowd Response” where he unchallengeably defeated 3 other UK’s most talented Sound Systems and Dj’s making him one of the Youngest Veteran here in the UK.

Here are just some OF the musical Genres that we specialises in below:

Hip Hop
Slow Jamz
Old Skool Dancehall
Old Skool RnB
Old Skool G
Uk Funky
New Skool Dancehall
And all other types there is.

Our team continued to grow throughout where we are always on the go from teaching young dj’s and sound crew how to mix, how to make professionals mix cd’s, engineering sound tracks, making sound effects, being the first UK Sound system to started there own Clothing Production, to have Started our own TV crew with live video documentaries on a weekly basis (Roxxiess_SoundTV) and also being recognise as some of the most suitable candidates to take part in weekly challenges in and across the UK up until this presents date.

WE ARE most definitely Proud to continue being “DA UK’S NO.1 JUGGLING SOUND” and there will be no other like ROXXIESS_SOUND SYSTEM which makes us Stand Alone.

We are more than experience and is guaranteed with a satisfaction of a 100% good vibes which is a priority to be carried out on every jobs.

For more details do not hesitate to contact us for more info and cd’s orders:

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Hotline No. = +447984 042 918 (Inc Whatsapp)

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Instagram = @Roxxiess_Sound

FB = Roxxiess-Sound-System


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