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X-TA-C 4×4 are from Birmingham, England and began our journey in 1995 playing on local community radio stations such as Sting FM, Kriss FM, Passion FM (now Hot 92 FM) and have been juggling around the country, building a strong reputation and fan-base ever since. We are renowned and regarded as a consistent, competent, skilful and overall entertaining sound that rarely fails to please a crowd. We first entered the battlefield in 2000 against a few local Birmingham sounds but had our first major clash in 2002. It was billed as a 1 on 1 sound-clash, against a new up & coming Birmingham sound, Immortal (then Immortal Injection). It was an event not to be missed and is still regarded as a legendary dance in the west midlands. Later on in our career, we faced sounds such as Apocalypse and Sheffields Willpowa, but continued to grow and maintain ourselves as a juggling sound, gathering booking around the country.

X-TA-C 4×4 are a multi-faceted group of entertainers. Our involvement in Music and the Dancehall Industry goes far beyond just sound system. X-TA-C produce Dancehall music in the UK through X-ILL-ENT G Productions, which is part of recording company X-TA-C 4×4 Music Ltd, recording many of the top artists in the country and particularly Birmingham. We are also successful promoters of the most popular weekly Dancehall nights in Birmingham; Swagger Fridays , host 2 weekly radio shows on WWW.HOT92.NET one being the BirmingVeg Mix Show where we promote homegrown Dancehall talent. To add to the pool of talent we also boast selector Zylo’s Xquisit Designs, as one of our ‘sister’ companies.

Having seen big success so early on in our career we are focused on building on the legacy, improving ourselves as top contenders in the sound system industry and contributing to improving the popularity and security of the industry’s future as a whole.

Clash Record:
Vs Immortal – 2002 Birmingham UK – ‘loss’
Vs Apocalypse – 2004 Dudley UK – ‘loss’
Vs Natural Affair, Jahman Nuclear, Expressions, Rockers Roadshow: Premier Cup Clash – 2005 Birmingham UK – Winners
Vs Immortal, King Tubbys, Little Sample, Control Tower, Sovereign Sound: Winner Takes All – 2005 London UK – Winners
Vs Bass Odyssey, Sound Trooper, Sentinel, King Tubby’s, LP International: UK Cup Clash – 2006 London UK – 4th Place
Vs Ruff Pack: Welcome 2 Soundclash – 2006 Geneva, Switzerland – Winners
Vs Civalizee, Herb-A-Lize It, Irie Crew, Soundquake, Trinity: Riddim Clash 2008 – First Elimination
Vs Jackpot: Destination Kingston Clash – 2010 Hamburg, Germany – ‘Loss’

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